Pressure Parts

Repair and installation of pressure parts, including superheaters, economizers, water walls, generator banks, process and power piping, and more.

Mechanical Systems

Repair and installation of all of your mechanical systems, including conveyors, hoppers, feed chutes, baghouse, casing repairs, and more.


Our in-house fabrication department is hereĀ  to facilitate custom replacements for pressure parts, mechanical systems, refractory, including engineering and design.

Emergency Support

We understand the importance of getting your facility back online quickly and safely, which is why we offer around-the-clock support 365 days a year.

C&I Boiler Repair has been specializing in the utility and cogeneration industry for over 30 years, servicing municipal waste-to-steam and both anthracite and bituminous coal-to-steam facilities across the Eastern Seaboard. We are a 24 hour, seven day a week mobile outage service organization specializing in major repairs and A.S.M.E. Pressure Part repairs to major Projects in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida, as well as many other locations across the U.S.

C&I Boiler Repair regularly maintains all facets of waste-to-steam-to-energy facilities including; Waterwall Replacement, Superheater Elements Replacement, Inconel and Carbon Overlay, Generating Bank Replacement, Roof Tube Replacement, Tube Shielding, Weld Build Up, Grate Rebuilding and Repair, Valves, Bag House Repairs, Economizers, along with many others.