C&I Boiler Repair Inc. has 40+ different ASME certified welding procedures used in the industry to ensure that your required maintenance and new construction jobs are a success.

C&I Boiler Repair Inc. has complete shut down capabilities and can serve all of your pressure part, overlay, and structural welding needs. We at C&I Boiler Repair pride ourselves in our abilities to achieve excellence and make the turn around a success.


Service List

We're proud to offer a comprehensive offering of pressure part services, including:


C&I Boiler Repair is able to handle any repairs or replacements to your superheater sections, regardless of size or material.


Keeping your economizers in good shape will recover the residual heat from the combustion process and improve your boiler efficiency. C&I Boiler Repair is available to handle all your economizer repairs and replacements.

Water Walls

Experienced with the intricacies of water wall construction, our team at C&I Boiler are here to assist with your water wall repairs and replacements.

Generator Banks

Our team at C&I are well-trained and experienced to handle repairs and replacements of your generator bank tubes.


C&I Boiler is a large provider of dynamic overlay services where our experience and quality help us to stand-out. We are able to perform Inconel, stainless, carbon, and hard-facing for mechanical components and can assist with your overlay repairs on waterwalls, headers, rotary combustors, and other pressure parts or mechanical systems.

Tube Shielding

Keeping your tube shielding up to date in your Superheaters, Economizers, Downcomers, and other Pressure Parts can help minimize tube failure and extend service life.

Rotary Combustors

C&I Boiler has extensive knowledge with many types of combustor repairs. Including full tube replacements as well as dutchman and ring header repairs.


Whether it’s a small section of weld build-up, flush patch, or complete replacement C&I Boiler is able to service any of your facilities headers regardless of size, location, or material.

Unfired Pressure Vessels

From repairs to existing “U” vessels to redesign and new construction, C&I Boiler has the experience and accreditations to handle all repairs, alterations, or complete overhauls to the unfired pressure vessels that are found all around facilities.

DA Tanks

DA Tanks

 As critical components to powerplants for removing dissolved gases from boiler feedwater to mitigate corrosion, C&I Boiler knows the importance of keeping deaerator tanks in good condition. Especially important for facilities with multiple boilers utilizing the same DA Tank, quality repairs are necessary to prevent unscheduled downtime for the entire facility.


When dealing with systems that are this large and complex, sometime customizations need to made. C&I can help with a wide variety of custom alterations on any boiler pressure part.

Boiler External Piping

Boiler External Piping

Repairs and replacements of boiler external piping components and systems, anywhere in your facility.

Power Piping

Power Piping

For decades C&I Boiler has been replacing and retrofitting power piping systems and their components to adapt to new facility needs and ensure the reliability of the system. Whether its replacing worn out valves or designing and installing new piping systems C&I Boiler has you covered.

Process Piping

These systems are an integral part of powerplants and manufacturing facilities as a backbone of fluid transport. Reliability and functionality of these systems is essential for proper plant operations. C&I Boiler is able to provide repairs, replacements, and new installations of these systems and their sub-components.