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C&I Boiler Repair Inc. is a full service industrial boiler repair company specializing in boiler repair, piping, and A.S.M.E. code fabrication. We are authorized by A.S.M.E. to construct and repair boilers, power piping, and more in accordance with the latest editions of the A.S.M.E. code.

C&I Boiler Repair has its own fabrication shop at the home office where staff members fabricate and assemble the following materials in-house:

-Water Wall Panels
-Super Heater elements
-Power Piping/Steam Feed Water
-Duct Work
-Water Cooled Screw Conveyors
-Bi-fabricated Chutes
-OFA Piping
-Feed Chutes
-Unfired Pressure Vessels
-Economizer Pendents
-ASME Section 8 & 1 Pressure Vessels
-ASME Section 1 Parts
-Chute Assembly
-Power Piping Assembly

C&I Boiler Repair is also active in a Tube Recovery Program. For more information call or E-mail Vice President Jeff Conklin at the home office in Montoursville, PA at 570-368-8163.