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C & I Boiler is a large producer of Overlay services and fabrication. Our experience list is a testament to the fact that C I Boiler Repair Inc. is also one of the machine weld overlay Boiler repair companies in the United States.

C&I Boiler Repair Inc's advantage comes from heavy investment, research, and experience. Depending on your needs, C I Boiler can offer your company optimum weld metal overlay solution to meet your Boiler corrosion or erosion repair or prevention needs.

* Inconel Welding
From several square feet to several thousand square feet, C&I Boiler Repair Inc. has a full staff of certified semi-automatic welders ready to help you with your Inconel welding needs.

* Waste-to- Steam

Our professionals understand the Coal-to-Steam industry has different needs and faces different challenges, so our staff can provide you with realistic solutions to your problems and help you with Stainless Steel Weld Build Up.