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At C&I Boiler Repair our objective is to do what it takes to make your major outage a success, and we have the full capability to handle all of your A.S.M.E. Pressure Part work and all of your mechanical work during your major outages. C&I Boiler Repair is poised with the knowledge, supervision, manpower, tools, and equipment necessary to help you complete any project in order to make your major boiler shutdowns successful.

Renewal of cast iron sections on hot water boilers. Renewal of boiler tubes and welding repairs to steel boilers. Refractory repairs and renewals. Overhaul, repair or renewal of boiler mountings and fittings. Servicing and repair of burners - oil and gas. Combustion analysis test. Preparation of pressure vessels for insurance inspection including ultra sonic testing. Overhaul and repair of calorifiers, including renewal of tube bundles. Chemical descaling of boilers and calorifiers. Smoke vents cleaned and replaced as required. All small and minor repairs. Retubes. Coded Welding. Pressure vessel repairs.